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FAQ Eyelid Lift

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelid Lift

Eyelid lift is an extremely effective method to tighten the skin of the eyelid and achieve a significant rejuvenation and a clearer and fresher appearance. The effect in this case lasts for many years with extremely good results.
In some cases, an eyelid lift is covered by health insurance. However, a pronounced sagging of the upper eyelid skin and a resulting visual impairment must be present. An ophthalmological examination is absolutely necessary. A lower eyelid lift is not covered by health insurance under any circumstances.
The eyelid lift is an extremely safe operation and problems are fortunately rare. Post-operative bleeding, temporary eye dryness, asymmetry during healing, scarring, mild swelling at the outer corner of the eye, and blurred vision for a short time may occur.
We recommend limiting sports activities for about 3 weeks after an eyelid lift. Excessive exercise may cause increased swelling and mild pain. In the early phase after the surgery, the occurrence of postoperative bleeding would also be possible due to intensive sports.
The healing process after an eyelid lift is generally extremely uncomplicated. Some patients have neither swelling nor bruising (hematoma discoloration), other patients tend to have a bit more. Swelling is gone after only a few days, while bruising takes an average of 10 days to completely subside. During this time, you can help the healing process by cooling. Slight changes and some residual swelling will remain for some time. The final result of the procedure will therefore not be seen until 3-4 months after the operation.
No. Eyelid lift is not a painful procedure and can be performed quickly under local anesthesia in 95% of cases. You will feel a small puncture on the outer edge of the eye for the local anesthetic at the beginning of the surgery. Once the anesthetic takes effect, you will not feel any pain. You will only feel a slight sensation of pressure on the eye.
The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest in the human body. Wounds generally heal exceptionally quickly and without complications. On average, it takes a few weeks to months for the scar to completely relax. Once the scar is found, it is barely visible.