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FAQ Breast Augmentation

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons and equally good reasons for breast augmentation. It has been proven that breast augmentation leads to greater well-being and quality of life for many women. Likewise, women's self-confidence increases after breast augmentation. It is possible to wear clothes that one might not have dared to wear before. In addition, breast augmentation is suitable for restoring a positive body image when women feel that their breasts are too small, when breasts are sagging or have lost elasticity, and for rebuilding breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Until about 15 years ago, implants had to be replaced about every 10 years because they had reached their natural lifespan. Modern implants are high-quality, high-tech products and can remain in the body for a lifetime. Consequently, breast implants no longer need to be replaced.
A specific measuring method allows the best implant size for the patient to be determined using various measuring points on the patient's breasts and rib cage. If the implant is chosen too small, there will be an insufficient aesthetic effect and the breast will not be sufficiently filled. However, if the implant is chosen too large, there may be cosmetic disadvantages and at the same time health problems for the patient. Therefore, an exact determination of the implant size is of enormous importance.
The development and manufacture of breast implants has progressed rapidly. The silicone breast implants available today are high-quality, high-tech products and the manufacturers even provide a lifetime guarantee on individual characteristics of such implants! The filling of modern implants consists of highly cohesive, i.e. highly cross-linked silicone gel. This means that in the event of a rupture of the implant, silicone gel can no longer leak out and enter the body. This feature has also led to the complete rehabilitation of silicone in the United States. The targeted roughening of the surface of breast implants promotes rapid and fast healing into the body's own tissue, minimizing the risk of capsular fibrosis forming.
Unfortunately, not all the fatty tissue that is injected into the breast grows permanently. It can be assumed that about 70% of the fatty tissue that is injected into the breast grows permanently. However, this fatty tissue lasts a lifetime. The result also looks extremely natural and harmonious.
Breast augmentation with body fat is an extremely modern and attractive method. Here, fat is taken from other parts of the body (abdomen, buttocks, breeches) and specially prepared. In the further course, the fat is inserted into the breast tissue through the finest cannulas. One can expect healing rates of about 70%.
The weight of an implant is approximately equal to the weight of water. Accordingly, it can be assumed that a 250cc implant weighs about 250 grams.
The development of implants has progressed rapidly in recent years. The quality has been constantly improved, which is why the leading manufacturers now offer lifetime guarantees against rupture and capsular contracture in connection with implants. This means that in the event of implant rupture or the development of capsular contracture, the cost of the new implant is covered.
The incision in the crease of the lower breast is the most frequently chosen approach for inserting an implant. This incision provides the surgeon with the best possible view during the operation and the most suitable place to stop bleeding and check the position of the implant.However, if a breast lift is to be performed at the same time, the approach via the nipple margin is more suitable. In this way, the texture and size of the nipple can be changed, the position of the nipple can be shifted, and the breast can be lifted and tightened a little.An approach via the axillary fold is also conceivable. The advantage of this method is that there are no visible scars on the breast itself. However, hemostasis is not so well controlled in this way and only implants up to a certain size can be inserted via this approach.
A special measuring procedure makes it possible to determine the ideal implant size for each woman. If a woman wants larger implants, this can have a detrimental effect both cosmetically and in terms of health above a certain level. Therefore, extensive expert consultation is required at all times in these cases. Sometimes several steps are conceivable until the selected implant size is reached, since the tissue cannot be stretched so much at once.

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