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The most common breast shapes in women

The most common breast shapes in women

What are the breast shapes? How do breasts build up? Can breasts be influenced in retrospect?

Every woman has a different breast shape:

  1. The laterally rounded breast

These breasts stand a little apart, so there is a visible gap between them. However, they have distinct curves on the outer edge.

  1. The rounded breast

Above and below the nipple, such breasts have the same roundness. In addition, the breast is firm and plump. By nature, this shape is very rare, it is often the product of breast surgery. The rounded breast is one of the few shapes where a bra is usually not needed, because it stands naturally and has an almost perfect symmetrical texture.

  1. The bell-shaped breast

This refers to enormous, heavy breasts that increase in volume towards the bottom. So the proportions are distributed differently. Above the nipples they are relatively narrow, and towards the bottom they become wider. The nipples and areolas alone are relatively large.

  1. East-west breast

This breast shape is characterized by the fact that the breasts hang to one side and the nipples consequently point in different directions, more or less to the east and west.

  1. Teardrop-shaped breast

It is similar to the bell-shaped breast, but it is much smaller, and the downward curvature is not so pronounced.

  1. The medium to tiny breast

There are a variety of shapes here:

The nipple tends to sit low, the breast is domed above it and becomes narrower below it. Particular cases in which the sternum clearly protrudes and the breast is strongly downward curved are also called, unflatteringly, chicken breasts. The chest clearly hangs and is thus longer than wide. The unpopular sagging breasts do not only affect women with a large rack.

Likewise, with small breasts, there is often the type of sloping breast, where the skin above the nipple is bent inward and the nipple thus points pointedly forward.

  1. The asymmetrical breast

Both breasts are of a different size. This can equally affect the nipples.

How do the different breast shapes develop?

The breast shape is genetically determined. So no matter what shape you got, you fundamentally could not influence it. Nevertheless, both hormonal changes and body fat percentage play a role. If the latter is clearly increased, this will of course also affect the size and therefore also the shape of your breasts.

Can you change your breast shape?

Many women wish to have an alternative breast shape. The custom-fit bra can only minimally visually reduce, increase or change the shape of the breasts. If you want to change your breast shape permanently, a surgical breast correction is recommended.

There are various methods of breast correction. Our surgeons will be happy to advise you in detail in a personal consultation.

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