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Aesthetic Surgery


Treatments from the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery are now among the most sought-after medical procedures in the world.

Essentially, plastic surgery involves the correction or restoration of the function, shape and appearance of the body.Aesthetic surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery that specifically adjusts certain areas of the body through surgical procedures in order to achieve a more harmonious and therefore more aesthetic overall appearance.

Advances in technology, decreasing costs and the increased desire for an improved external appearance have led to aesthetic surgery becoming more and more popular.

Benefits Of Aesthetic And Plastic Surgery

Although plastic and aesthetic surgery treatments are often considered to be procedures
with a purely aesthetic purpose, they are usually classified as reconstructive surgery, such as burns, deformities or accidental injuries.Reconstructive surgery may well include treatments such as breast augmentation or breast reduction.

While reconstructive surgery is the most important form of plastic and aesthetic surgery, there is an increasing demand for cosmetic treatments. Procedures of a non-surgical nature, known as minimally invasive treatments, such as Botox injections or laser skin resurfacing, are also becoming increasingly popular. Nearly 10 million aesthetic surgical procedures are performed each year in the U.S. alone, making it the fastest growing area of the medical industry.

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