How it works?

The Rgnetic Method

Rgnetic is an online platform that connects patients worldwide with trusted medical professionals in Turkey. Our mission is to provide access to quality healthcare to everyone regardless of location, time frame or budget. We help patients find the right medical treatment, get answers to their questions and plan their treatment.


Doctor Search And Price Comparison

At Rgnetic, you can find specialized, experienced doctors for the treatment of your choice. We list only qualified physicians with excellent expertise and credentials who meet our strict quality standards. You can compare providers by price and find more information about clinics and treatments, as well as real patient reviews. We will help you choose a provider that meets your needs.


Personal Inquiry

After you find a provider, you can request a personalized quote. Before we forward your request to our doctors and clinics, we may need information or medical documents from you so the doctor, surgeon or dentist can evaluate your case. Don’t worry if you haven’t provided the required documents when you first request them. We will send you email reminders outlining the missing information. Once the required documents are provided, we will connect you directly with the doctor of your choice.

Alternatively, you can request the assistance of our Care Team, who will help you find a medical provider, communicate with the doctor on your behalf, and guide you through the treatment process. This is a fee-based service – fees are based on the complexity of the procedure requested.


Indiviual Offer

Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you with an individualized quote, suggested appointment time, and additional information about the procedure, clinic, and physician in writing. In some cases, medical staff may ask you additional questions. Clinic and physician response times may vary.

Take time to review the quote and ask the clinic and physician treatment-related questions. A customized quote is a cost estimate that takes into account the expected scope of treatment based on the information provided in your request. In most cases, it is not a fixed price quote because treatments are difficult to fully evaluate before a clinic or hospital visit. The price may also vary due to health changes, additional conditions not covered, or treatment complications.


Plan and Book

If you are satisfied with an estimate and wish to proceed with treatment, some clinics and doctors may require a deposit to secure the appointment. This is often required to purchase surgical supplies or to book the doctor’s time in advance. This deposit is usually fully refundable if your doctor decides not to proceed during your pre-treatment consultation. You can choose to pay online through Rgnetic (more secure) or pay the remaining amount directly to the clinic or doctor on the day of treatment. Reimbursement terms vary from clinic to clinic and from doctor to doctor. Therefore, be sure to clarify this in advance.

Once treatment appointments are made, make final travel arrangements, such as applying for a visa (if required) and booking flights, accommodations and transportation. You can also book these services through Rgnetic. In addition, you will receive accurate information about where and when you need to arrive for your treatment, consultation or diagnostic test.


Travel-Get Treated-Recover

If you wish, you can be picked up directly from the airport. When you arrive at the clinic or hospital, you will need to register and fill out a patient information form. You will receive all details from our team in advance.

After the treatment, you may need to stay on site for a few days to recover and for any check-ups. The doctor will send this information along with your personalized quote. Once you have recovered, we will ask you to share your experience to help other patients make decisions and to ensure that your procedure was to your complete satisfaction. We only work with high quality clinics and physicians with excellent reputations.


Hospitals and clinics in our network do not charge additional fees when patients book treatment through Rgnetic. In exchange, we offer our partners the opportunity to be found by patients through our platform.

Booking treatment through Rgnetic means we’re with you every step of the way – from helping you find the right clinic to making sure you return home safely. When you compare treatment options through us, you’ll also get the best quality at the most affordable price.

Finally, it’s important that you choose a trusted medical provider. All of the clinics and doctors we list have been handpicked based on our high quality standards and hold prestigious national and international accreditations.

Care Team Assistance


If you have purchased our Care Team Assistance service, you can contact a member of our team at any time for any questions you may have about your treatment, stay and travel.

Our Care Team Assistance service provides you with a personal assistant to support you every step of the way on your journey:

  • Your assistant will be available to answer any questions you may have about treatment options, medical procedures, and the procedure process:
  • Our service team compares various prices and treatment offers of leading hospitals, clinics and doctors in Turkey and for you.
  • Your assistant will handle communication with clinics and doctors on your behalf (we will do this on your behalf).
  • Our staff will take care of all the scheduling for you.
  • Your assistant will arrange for you to apply for a visa (if required) and take care of the forms for admission to the doctor and clinic.
  • The service also includes help with travel arrangements, from the initial appointment to organizing the stay abroad. We book flights, accommodation and personal transport to the clinic in Istanbul.
Learn more about our service in a personal conversation with our Care Team Assistance.