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FAQ Breast Lift

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift

No surgical method can create permanent solutions, since gravity has an additional effect on the breast and the breast is also subject to certain aging processes. However, if the bra is worn consistently, the result of a breast lift will last for many years. The result lasts less long if the bra is not worn consistently or if there are breast changes after the operation, for example due to pregnancy.
Although a result is visible immediately, it may still change slightly. After breast lift surgery, some subsidence of the breast to its natural shape is still expected. Therefore, the final result is visible about 3 months after the surgery.
Some swelling occurs postoperatively after a breast lift, especially if an implant is inserted in addition to the lift. It can be assumed that the volume of the breast will still decrease by about 10% after the first postoperative day, which is approximately the volume of the swelling.
Although the breast is an extremely sensitive organ and the operation often involves the whole breast, a breast lift is not particularly painful. Some post-operative soreness is normal. However, this can be treated very well with the usual pain medication.
In most cases yes. However, in individual cases this cannot be predicted with certainty. The answer to the question whether breastfeeding will still be possible or not depends mainly on the surgical method used and the degree of breast lift.
Usually during a breast lift the nipple has to be moved upwards. So the scar line is around the nipple, which then runs down to the crease under the breast. Sometimes, in order to improve the result even more, it is recommended to also place a tiny transverse scar in the underbust crease.
Complications after a breast lift are fortunately quite rare. If they do occur, they are minimal for the most part. Postoperative bleeding or infections may occur, and scarring may occur in other cases. If, in addition, an implant is used, complications similar to those of breast augmentation may occur. Please read our information on breast augmentation with implants.
It is advisable to wait about 3 weeks after the operation before engaging in intensive sports activities and also jogging. When doing sports, you should wear a particularly suitable sports bra in the following months in order to protect the breast tissue in the best possible way.