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LIPEDEMA – 9 typical symptoms

LIPEDEMA – 9 typical symptoms

The following factors are indicative of lipedema.

  • Pain: Do you suffer from increased sensitivity to pressure and touch?
  • Past: Have you suffered from “thick legs” since puberty?
  • Distribution pattern: Is there a symmetrical distribution of fat on the sides of the hips and thighs?
  • Skin: Does the skin feel coarse and knotty?
  • Exercise and diet: Have exercise and conscious diet had no noticeable effect?
  • Hands and feet: Are these typically not affected by the swelling?
  • Progression: Was there an increased volume surge during pregnancy?
  • Bruising: Do you have frequent bruising and don’t know where it comes from?
  • Heredity: Are other family members affected by swelling of the extremities?


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