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Rgnetic - High Quality Treatments At a Fair Price

At Rgnetic, our mission is to find quality medical and aesthetic treatments for our patients at an advantageous price. Rgnetic is the leading agency for the mediation and care of medical services, preferably in Turkey. We network our experts with patients from all over the world. Rgnetic partners with many trusted, experienced and nominated surgeons in the fields of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery as well as Cosmetic Dentistry and Bariatric Surgery. Our focus is on the highest medical standards, short waiting times and transparent and cost-effective pricing.

We provide safe and uncomplicated access to high-quality medical treatments. Our team of qualified specialists and dedicated nurses support all those who want to improve their appearance and self-esteem. Take advantage of our free medical consultation, compare treatment costs and make an appointment with our experienced doctors. The processes in the quality management system of our partner clinics have received additional and without exception certifications from TÜV or JCI (JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL) and regularly accept internal and external quality controls. Our goal, together with our partners, clinics and experts, is to offer our clients at least the same quality standards as in other European countries, but at a much lower cost. In this way we can make possible the desire for high quality treatments for every budget.

Experienced Doctors

We work with only the best medical professionals. Without exception, our surgeons hold board-certified and recognized specialist titles. The requirements we set for our doctors include proven professional qualifications, consistent continuing education activities, and professional specializations.

Highest Treatment Standarts

We offer our patients the highest standards of treatment in terms of materials, products, technical equipment, hygiene, anesthesia and emergency management, which are regularly audited based on legal standards and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our services and customer service include a friendly, empathetic approach to customers, good accessibility, and a high level of customer satisfaction with the services provided. Airport transfers, assistance in English, Spanish, French and German, special rates for your accommodation in Istanbul when booking in our permanent partner hotels and, if you wish, even a city tour!

Patient Department

Patient satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason, we place great emphasis on meeting individual needs and concerns of our patients. During your stay in Istanbul, we are here for all your questions and wishes. Our colleagues in the patient department will make your stay in Istanbul as pleasant as possible.


We believe that when making decisions that affect your health, the more information you get, the better. The clinic listing includes information on accreditation, staff experience, facility photos, procedure costs and reviews from former patients.


We do not and will never sell your personal information. Simply send us a request and we will help you get a customized offer from a specialist. Each offer includes a treatment plan and cost estimate.


Our mission is to provide access to quality health care for everyone, regardless of location, time frame or budget. Patients can easily contact our specialists in Turkey through us.

Would you like to learn more? Then take a look at our page THE RGNETIC METHOD. If you are a patient and have questions about your treatment options, feel free to email us at

Get a free consultation from our doctors to make your dream of the perfect body shape come true. We will help you feel comfortable in your skin.