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Istanbul Aesthetic Center

Istanbul Aesthetic Center

İstanbul Aesthetics and Medical Surgery Center is a Plastic Surgery Hospital established to render good services for you with high technology devices and with a staff of experienced doctors in their own branches and personnel.

We have standard and VIP patient rooms furnished specially for ease and comfort of our patients. Besides, there is an intensive care unit for emergencies to arise within our body. For a high patient satisfaction, we carry on our “Patient Satisfaction Analysis” continually and regularly and we record the results in digital environment.

İstanbul Aesthetic Center is built at the center of the city, close to all transportation units by its location. We provide significance that we place on ease and comfort of our patients also for patient relatives.

Scientific improvements, technological innovations and all advancement in the field of medicine are followed, were and will be made available for our patients.

The purpose for establishing our center is to keep human health at the upmost level taking strength from its staff, to provide high patient satisfaction with the right treatment methods within the scope of health ethics.

Istanbul Aesthetic Center

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